PhilaMormonMy name is Rebecca and I love the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. President Nelson’s October 2018 Book of Mormon reading challenge to the women of the Church was the perfect motivation for me to revamp my old blog. I hope you enjoy the new focus following my Gospel insights and exploits teaching the Gospel to my young children.

I grew up on the East Coast of the United States as the oldest daughter in a large family. One parent is an older convert, one parent is descended from early Church converts who crossed the American mid-west on foot. I attended Brigham Young University and served an eighteen-month mission in Europe for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My great loves: the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the Humanities including literature, art, music, theater; and my young family. My husband and I run around all day (at least it seems that way) chasing four little girls who are in no way short on energy or personality.

I love beauty, truth, and goodness which I look for every day in human interactions, in nature, in creation, and in the little moments. I love helping people and serving in my community.