This collection of essays, written under the pseudonym PhilaMormon, covers a range of topics including some of my foundational thoughts on identity, insight into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doctrine, and reflections on my own experience as a member of the Church. The essays are meant to be a fusion of personal insight and “research,” with the aim of helping individuals find and/or build their own testimonies of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

An Eternal Identity Published May 2016
The Worth of A Soul Published May 2016
What I Learned On My Mission Published May 2016
Advice for the Post-Mission Missionary Published May 2016
A Chalk Circle Published July 2016
Lessons From My Pioneer Ancestors Published July 2016
#LightTheWorld // Day 13: Learning to Rely on the Savior Published December 2016
“Teen Vogue” and the Death of True Girl Power Published March 2017
Acting Faithfully and Inspiring Faith in Others Published August 2017
Honoring the Title of “Sister” Published August 2018