Day 5: Asking Good Questions

1 Nephi 13

In 1 Nephi 13, Nephi continues to describe his visions. I feel awestruck every time I read these chapters given how Nephi came to have this experience. First, his father was granted a vision of the Tree of Life which he then related to his family. Then, Nephi asked God to let him see the same vision. Nephi’s faith is so inspiring! So many times in my life I have been given information––like Lehi gave his family information about his vision––and I accept it without any action. Nephi not only believed and accepted his father’s vision as truly from God and true, but he also asked to actively participate in that experience! And not only did he have the same vision as his father but he also got to converse with an angel and see/learn even more. Asking good questions strikes me as the take-away insight here. Choose to believe and ask God good questions.

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